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The Dana Piano Trio

Formed by the Youngstown State University Faculty members Cicilia Yudha, Kivie Cahn-Lipman, and Wendy Case, the Dana Piano Trio performs on both modern and historical instruments, moving with ease between traditional repertoire and works by living composers.

The Trio has existed since 2017 and gave its Carnegie Hall debut with previous professor Joseph Kromholz.  They have been featured in Cleveland Classical and at various universities in concerts and masterclasses, as well as at the Ashburnham Frederick Collection of Historical Instruments in Massachusetts.  Wendy joined the trio as the violinist in 2020.

The name Theorhym comes from the blend of two words: rhythm (a part of music), and theorem (for the Pythagorean theorem in geometry).  In the 6th century B.C.E, Pythagoras postulated that musical sounds were harmonious due to simple mathematical ratios.  As part of his legacy, he also created the Pythagorean Theorem, a mathematical formula for finding the sides of a right triangle.  Finding the area of a triangle became the foundation of calculus, which in turn became the foundation of physics.   Music and physics have always overlapped significantly, but arts organizations and educators have struggled  to prove the importance of the arts in society. 

Theorhym is an organization committed to increasing the knowledge of the symbiotic nature of music and science.  Theorhym's mission is to provide and prove a theoretical foundation that art is science and science is art.  


The Tiger and the Clover releases in 

January of 2022.  The CD features works by a diverse group of living composers

for solo violin and violin and electronics.

About the Title: The tiger is a traditional symbol of wisdom, intelligence, and the balance of yin and yang. The common clover flower is a symbol of inner strength, beautifully personified in Emily Dickinson’s poem, Purple Clover. Created during circumstances of unusual adversity during the pandemic of 2020 and 2021, this album explores converging and contrasting perceptions through the eyes of a diverse group of composers. Each work is a testament to the tenacity, creativity, brilliance, and humanity of all of the artists represented.

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