Choose your pricing plan

  • Alive!

    Every week
    4 Lesson Package Tailored to Fit Your Goals
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Perfect for Pros and College Students
    • Ergonomic, Efficient Practice Based on Kinesiology
    • Physics and Technique Coaching
    • Injury-Healing Technique for Full Recovery
    • Focused Professional Audition Preparation
  • Thrive!

    Every week
    12 Lesson Package Perfect for Intermediate-Advanced Students
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • Learn Specific Techniques FAST
    • Audition and Achievement Testing Preparation
    • Weekly Assistance with Your Goals
    • Develop Facile and Relaxed Technique through Violin Physics
    • Build Easy and Efficient Practice Methods
  • Grow!

    Every week
    16 Practice Sessions Package for Suzuki Practice Buddies!
    Valid for 16 weeks
    • Weekly Assistance with Your Goals
    • Develop Strong Technical and Musical Skills
    • Build Efficient and Relaxed Practice Skills
    • Perfect for Students of Busy Parents and Caretakers
    • Suzuki Certified Teacher as Your Online Practice Buddy
  • Jump!

    1 Hour Online Lesson/Physics Masterclass
    Valid for one month
    • Physics and Technique Assessment for Pros
    • Individualized Practice Plan Development
    • Orchestral Audition and Competition Preparation
    • Repetitive Motion Injury Assessments
    • Challenging Technique Troubleshooting
    • Specific Technique Development (vibrato, spiccato, etc.,)
  • Parent/Nanny Relief

    Assistance With Online Lesson Transition
    • Help Assessing Child's Comfort Levels
    • Practice Techniques for Developing Technique and Musicality
    • Practice Support and Ideas
    • Psychologically Efficient Learning Strategies
    • Assistance with Your Own Playing
  • Parent/Nanny Webinar

    Online Learning for Parents/Nanny/Siblings
    • Webinar for Parents: Using Online Learning Effectively
    • Helping Children Adapt to Remote Instruction
    • Researched Practice Strategies
    • Tools for Effective Learning
  • Suzuki Teacher's Aid

    Every month
    For Suzuki Teachers with Busy Schedules
    • Short Practice Demo Videos Designed for Your Studio
    • Reinforce Your Teaching Ideas During the Week
    • Up to 4 Videos Each Month--Build a Repertoire for Sharing!
    • Professional Quality Video and HD Close-Ups
    • Suzuki Certified
    • All Ages and Levels
    • Sharing the Videos with All Your Students
    • Lighten Your Workload!